Welcome to my portfolio

I am an instructional designer and much more

Although my career in instructional design has just begun, I have been an instructor for nearly 10 years. During this time, I have been in various teaching and tutoring positions. My enthusiasm for education and technology is reinforced by a master’s degree in computer science specialising in e-learning.

I have experience in facilitating training for staff, developing Articulate Storyline courses, conducting meetings with experts (SMEs), creating proposals for new software solutions, leading a team of talented individuals where tight deadlines were the norm and much more.

I’ve created this website to display a few of my skills. However, I am always learning new techniques and keeping with current research. 

Client-centered approach

Communication and feedback are essential for making the best possible application to fit the requirements of the client. I strive to design and implement products that are loved by both stakeholders and their customers.

Software for staff training

I enjoy creating training solutions that allows staff to fully explore a new software. Learning a new application can take time. Luckily, priming information through self-paced training can speed up the overall learning process.

I have a background in gamification

Fun educational software

With nearly a decade of teaching experience, creating instructional material is a passion of mine. Learning shouldn’t be a chore. Education should be fun and engaging for the target audience. I focus on learner-centered methods that promote an environment conducive to learning at optimal levels.

Game design

I have dedicated a great deal of my tertiary education to understanding learner engagement and how to gamify lessons. My keen interest in gamification has pushed me to research more about game design and the game elements that are used to create immersive experiences for students.

I have a strong creative side as well


Writing is my favourite form of expression. My work tends to gravitate towards the fantasy genre but I love science fiction and mystery as well. I enjoy telling stories that have a deeper meaning or moral.


My writing is usually inspired by visuals, or come from my imagination. For this reason, I took up the challenge of learning to draw and illustrate some of my stories. This has helped me to learn more about software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Additionally, I have grown more comfortable working with both vector and raster graphics.

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