Expert review of contextual learning through extensive reading in a digital game-based system


Abstract—There are many factors involved in language acquisition, but immersive language experiences and consistent exposure are two crucial components. Creating these learning-conducive settings can be challenging in a traditional classroom. However, learning a new language through context to connect words and definitions can be fun and engaging with a game-based approach. Consequently, it’s important to create opportunities for this approach in a curriculum to diversify studies and excite learners about the language itself. Adding games based on their entertainment value may not translate into effective learning. Therefore, in this paper, a proposal for a gameful approach using a visual novel was evaluated. Ten industry experts from various fields of education were asked to review a game-based system that focused on acquiring language through reading and comprehension. The educational experts graded the system based on perceived acceptance and usability, learner experience and, qualitatively, its impact on education. The experts concluded that the system is an innovative and exciting implementation for language learning.

The proceedings have been published here.