A Pleasure Learning Business with You: A Case Study Testing a Game-Based Framework in Higher Education



Business education at the tertiary level comprises many sectors and interconnected processes. These dynamics can be challenging to understand without experiencing the complexity first-hand. Many experiments use bespoke simulations that can take time and money to develop. Instead, this paper used an off-the-shelf game called Two Point Hospital. This project aimed to create an opportunity to (1) apply relevance to theory, (2) practice decision-making in a safe space where there is the freedom to fail, and (3) debrief and critically reflect on these decisions. The experiment aimed to test the usefulness and acceptability of game-based learning in a business classroom. This case study involved a small group of Master of Business Administration (MBA) students (N=10) from Regenesys Business School, who were given a survey based on a modified technology acceptance model. The results showed that there is indeed a place for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) games in business education, with students responding positively to the software and the application of theoretical knowledge. However, there is still room for improvement regarding implementing game-based learning and creating formative assessments.

The article has been published here.